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INTERVIEW with Mandy "She Makes Me Smile" DeGeit

My name is Jason Wayne Allen. 
I'm a writer and I like to correspond with other writers. After a long, meandering, go- nowhere conversation with someone, who should be working but is with me, about rectal real estate and Kaiju monsters. Sometimes I read the conversation back and think it'd make a cool interview or conversation to post in a blog. 

So here ladies and gentlemen is ATROPHIED GANGSTERS and my first interview is with the lovely, talented author of: SHE MAKES ME SMILE, THIS ONLY HAPPENS IN THE MOVIES, and her and I also share the STRANGEHOUSE BOOKS anthology ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! BRAIN, BANG! 

My Zombie Soul Sister

The Great Mandy DeGeit and I have a few things in common. We're both in our thirties, we both just started publishing in May, 2012, we write in the same genre, and worship the same literary gods (Jack Ketchum is a big one, he'd probably be the Jesus of our Gods) we both share an anthology, and we both have a common enemy of productive writing: Facebook.
Her and I were loaning each other Kindle books this morning, when I had the notion of trying a formal interview for a blog I wanted to start and here it is...

Mandy DeGeit-MDG
Jason Wayne Allen-JWA

JWA: Nice. Okay...let's do this. I feel like you're an older woman about to lay me down and take my Nervous...okay…
MDG: hahaha  
JWA: Where are you from?
MDG: My mom's vagina... LOL! Just kidding. Originally I'm from ShaniaTwainTown, also known as Timmins, Ontario.
JWA: Do you have a favorite Shania Twain song?
MDG: Not at all.
JWA: Do you think her marriage to Mutt Lange was her way of getting to the top of the country and pop charts?
MDG: Bhahaha :) not sure, but whatever she did it worked... Next topic please! :) lol I'm working on usurping her from her throne and making Timmins Mandyland. :)
JWA: Whose bed has YOUR boots been under? 
MDG: I leave them on. 
JWA: Sweet

JWA: How long have you been writing?
MDG: I've been writing my entire life, but I just started submitting for publication in May.
MDG: May 2012
JWA: Exactly the same here! I just typed that exact thing in my other blog about myself.
MDG: I got back into the writing groove after my first con, which was Horrorfind 13.

JWA: So, you had some trouble with She Makes Me Smile because a publisher wanted to change a lot of stuff?
MDG: Ha. it's not that he wanted to change it; he just did it and didn't tell me. I had to find out when my books came in. Once I saw what happened, I asked him about it and he told me my story was unpublishable and the changes HAD to be made. (He also added a spelling mistake in the title... She Make's Me Smile.) But yeah, he violated the story... If it was unpublishable then send me a rejection.
JWA: So, he wanted you to lip sync a novel, basically? Just using you for your author’s photo. What a dick.
MDG: I have no idea what he wanted... but I'm not the first person this happened to. When I blogged about it, a bunch of other authors spoke up saying the same thing happened to them :(
JWA: Why wouldn't the publishers just write it themselves?
MDG: When you're a new author, you're worried about being blacklisted. We don't know how things work. This publisher took advantage of the fact we are new authors. He's still at it.
JWA: You're not allowed to name him?
MDG: His name is HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED! Lol... Nah it's Tony Giangregorio and everyone needs to stay away from his 4 small presses. Undead Press, Living Dead Press, Open Casket Press and the one he just started STFU Publishing.

JWA: So, how'd you hook up with Kevin and the boys of StrangeHouse? 
MDG: I bought their antho Strange Sex cause I loved the cover. After reading it, I added them on FB and we've been chatting ever since.
JWA: They're cool guys.

JWA: So, who do you read?
MDG: I try to buy a book from everyone at every con so I read a lot of my peers. Right now I'm really digging the bizarro stuff. 
JWA: What Bizarro authors do you like?
MDG:  I've only read Mellick so far... I have a few anthos of bizarro stuff to get to soon... They are in my giant to be read pile. Lol! I have a serious book buying addiction...
 JWA: Oh Man, you're just scratching the surface! Just wait 'til you discover Cameron Pierce, Garrett Cook, Gina Rinalli, Bradley Sands et cetera...

JWA: Anyway, tell us about your writing schedule? Any essentials to write, like coffee, cigarettes, drugs, booze? 
MDG: I write in the morning, early morning, before my brain gets all polluted from the day. I have to write sober... I've tried to write drunk, but I wake up the next day thinking "What the hell is this?" Lol! I write, and then drink :) Coffee is a must. when I write
JWA: Same here. What's up with writers and booze?
MDG: I think we all have demons... the booze quiets them. : P 

JWA: So, you sell sex toys in your spare time?
MDG: Haha well kind of. I like to call them Pleasure Objects. I focus on Masturbation more than sex. You need to think of yourself first. I do own a home business though called IdleHands.
JWA: Explain Pleasure objects? Are we talking dildos? Swings? Gimp masks?
MDG: Vibrators, lubes, pocket pussies. Stuff like that. No BDSM stuff, no flavored lubes or body paints, just stuff you'd use on yourself.
JWA: So how'd you fall into that gig?
MDG: I used to manage a sex store so opening my own business just made sense.
JWA: Fucking lucky. I work at Office Depot as a day job. I suppose I could masturbate with some of their products...but still...
MDG: I wouldn't suggest the paper shredder... LOL!

JWA: 'Round about, what age are you?
MDG: Turning 35 in December, but I act like I'm 12 most of the time. :D
JWA: I just turned thirty in October. We're still relatively young.

JWA: So, what are your thoughts on kindle, self-publishing, and other alternate routes to being published?
MDG: I have two stories self-published so far, the rest are with publishers. I can go either way, as long as people are reading what I write. I personally prefer to read actual books, but Kindles are nice when travelling. Self Pubbed stories can be good as long as the author takes their time to ensure it's done right and not riddled with mistakes. Oh and don't self-pub just cause no one will publish you... Maybe you need to revisit the story.

JWA: I think covers will make or break the sales of a Kindle book. A lot of Kindle books have terrible cover art. Oh, I don't self-publish or publish for free either. Monica O'Roark gave me some advice regarding free publishing and the like, in an instant message once. You like Monica right?

MDG: Yeah that's an important rule... Get paid. 
MDG: And yeah I just met Monica at Killercon, I think she's awesome.
JWA: Have you read Suffer the Flesh?
This is seriously one of the most brutally violent and disturbing books I've ever read. I loved it!
 MDG: no not yet.
JWA: Monica O’Rourke is Splatter Punk as fuck!
MDG: lol I'll be sure to check it out.

JWA: Okay...ZOMBIES why do you like them?
Mandy's other Zombie Antho...
MDG My tbr pile is a little out of hand. Meh...I'm not really a zombie fan. The whole RAWR brains makes me crazy. I wrote Humanification cause I wanted to write something different than the usual. On that note, my novel I'm working on is kind of zombie-esque, but again, I’m working on writing a different kind of zombie. I prefer the darkness that resides inside people instead of monsters... We are all capable of horrible things and that's what scares me.
MDG The Only Way is another zombie one, but I took it down a different path as well. Think outside the box. :D

JWA: So besides writing and masturbating, what else does the lovely and talented Mandy DeGeit enjoy doing?
11:12am Mandy DeGeit I love hanging with friends, travelling, going to concerts, getting tattoos and playing around on FB
JWA: Oh and please let us know. Is it Dee G EET or something else? The pronunciation?
MDG Duh Gate Rhymes with I'm great lol :)
Mandy's Amazon page
JWA: Ah, nice. My Kindle's Text to Speak pronounces it Dee Jeet as in tweet. 11:14am MDG LOL! 

JWA: Music do you listen to music while writing and what do you like?
MDG I don't usually listen to music while writing, it gets in the way and I end up writing the song lyrics... I do listen to some instrumental at times. When I'm not writing, I love everything but country and rap; I'm more partial to the heavier stuff. and my favorite band is Volbeat. :)
 JWA: So what writer or artist do you admire most?
MDG Everyone who is an artist... Being a writer, I know how hard it is to create something from an idea, so props to everyone who can! :) I'm probably my biggest fan though. LOL! 
 JWA: Only seconded to me.
 JWA: Do you have any formal education in writing?
MDG Nah, just practice. I did well in English classes, but I only went as far as high school.

JWA: So, what inspires you?
MDG When people tell me they read my stuff. I love hearing that I scared someone, or made them feel something. I also like the idea of being famous, so I'm working on that. :)
 JWA: It's refreshing to hear a writer that admits that! They're usually so full of shit. EVERYONE wants to be the next Stephen King.
MDG: Not me... I want to be Mandy DeGeit. :D
 JWA: Well you got what you want but some Stephen King cash couldn't hurt, probably.  JWA: Rich or famous? Which one/
MDG: Famous. but comfortable... Money isn't the be all and end all, but you need to pay the bills.

JWA: Okay, when you're finished moving your bowels do you fold the toilet paper before you wipe, just crumple it up?
MDG: Ew, that's horrible LOL!
 JWA:  What, wiping? You Canadians! You guys use Bidets right? 
MDG: No that's not us. Sticks and leaves up here.
 JWA: Swanky. Us Americans are too pampered. 

 JWA: Do you lock your front door when you leave the house?
MDG: Yeah, I'm paranoid. I have the door locked when I'm home.  
JWA: According to Michael Moore you guys do not.
MDG: In smaller towns they don't, here in Ottawa we do
 JWA: You heard it folks--Ottawa is the Compton of Canada.

JWA: Celebrity Crushes?
MDG: Ummm, I don't know really. I really want to clone me, maybe a boy version of me. Cause I'm awesome and kind of a celebrity. :D

 JWA: Do you masturbate to your own image in the mirror? 

MDG: No that would just be weird. I have a good imagination. lol would having sex with my clone be masturbation? I wonder that... lol
 JWA: If I were gay, I would masturbate in the mirror. Just sayin'
MDG: hahaha
 JWA: I guess it'd be mutual masturbation if you guys just fingered each other. Would that also be incest?
MDG:  No idea... New topic lol
 JWA: Can you really look down on incest in regards to sisters that have sex? I mean there is really no chance for a genetically mutated offspring. 
MDG: Still wrong.
 JWA: How?

JWA: Okay we have totally gotten off writing...yeah. Plug some stuff and links... 
MDG:  kk... publication page is here...

Jason Wayne Allen's Amazon Page


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